Træterrasse - projekt redning

Hello (jeg beklager, mit dansk er ikke så godt endnu), I would like to get a quote for a new terrasse, because my project has come to a sudden stop. Starting from the beginning, the house that we bought last year had an existing deck that was built in a combination of wood and stone (same height). The wooden terrace was built directly on ground and when we bought the house, it was already rotten (which is why we need to renovate it). I removed the old deck, removed some of the soil from the top and placed a new layer of gravel on top, so there is now a little "hole" ready for a new terrasse. The terrasse is more or less L shaped, around 35m2, with dimensions (walking around the L in clock direction) top 340cm - 180cm - 200cm - 590cm - 540cm - 770cm (180x200 cm is a skur). I was promised help by a friend who has experience with building decks, but he is now unable to help anymore. Based on his advice, I have already purchased Jatoba brædder (40m2 in 275cm) and hardwood strøer (various lengths from 250 to 340cm), but I am not able to finish the project on my own. I would like to reuse as much of the material as possible, but will pay for anything that is missing. I would like the project to start as soon as possible, as I have a hole in the yard and two pallets of wood not doing anything, so let me know when you would be available to take a look.
Oprettet 06.06.2022
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