Several "smaller" construction projects in Sorø, Denmark

Greetings. I am the owner of a property on Zealand in Denmark. I am writing this email in English instead of Danish. I am Researching hiring workers from outside Denmark to get the best rate possible, with qualified work. On the property there is a hotel (1000+m2) + a few other smaller buildings, including 2 storage warehouses. One is 270m2, the other around 180m2. I am in negotiations with the government about a permission to tear down the 2 buildings and build a new warehouse + office building. Low cost is the priority, but naturally whatever is done have to live up to: Danish laws and regulations Be built by a company that has all required permissions and some kind of insurance. There are 2 jobs - one, before we have permission to do something bigger, is renovation work, including: 1. Placing cement in front of the buildings for pallet-offloading 2. Making a drain for water around both buildings leading away 3. Minor renovations on the 270m2 building 4. Major renovations on the 180m2 building At a later date we might have to tear down both buildings and make one larger combined one (permission pending). Design / looks of the building(s) is not important, price is what matters here - it has to be safe and of a decent quality, but luxury is not a priority. Apart from the above there are several renovation projects at the hotel as well - including installing new windows / doors, paint work, room upgrades and much more - as well as interior & exterior projects. If I find a good partner with the right prices, it might become a seasonal thing. Workers can stay in the hotel while work is ongoing, we also offer food services - this can all be factored into the price. Please introduce your company, what you can do and some general rough price ideas (including hourly wages). And keep in mind, as mentioned, that if this goes well I imagine it can be a recurring cooperation.
Oprettet 06.04.2023
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