Totalrenovering Vanløse

Hej! We are doing total renovation of our cellar. Most of what needs to be taken out has already been taken out, so one gets to start almost from the fun part ;) We have already good specifications of the work as well as architect's drawing. In short, we will need installation of floor heating, new tiles, new bathroom (to the place of the old one), new sauna (we have excellent instructions and specifications on that so no prior experience of building a sauna is needed), bryggers (incl. also mounting new cabinets...), making 2 rooms from 1 big room, lots of painting work, renewing pipes etc... We would like the work to start yesterday ;) Feel free to communicate in Danish. This message and the attached specifications have been written by the Finnish wife of the house (who speaks Danish but is poor at writing it). Looking forward to the offers, Thomas and Marjo Tofte Hansen
Oprettet 30.05.2019
Kategori Totalrenovering
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