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We’re looking for some garden help installing two gates so that our backyard is more “fenced in” than it is today. Please see the pictures attached; one of the spaces is about 230 cm wide (the one with the concrete tiles / fliser), the other is a bit over 300 cm. We’re looking for someone to mount gate posts (stolper) on both sides of the space, then assemble and install appropriately-sized gates. Both would ultimately be right next to the house, so it might make sense for the stolper on the house side to be attached directly to the house. We have bought the gates and hardware, but need someone to do the work—digging any holes needed, potentially pouring concrete / mounting the posts, assembling the hardware on the gate, and then ultimately getting the gates in place. If helpful, we have ordered: • For the 200cm one, potentially this gate o We’d also buy the mounting hardware: o And any posts if needed: • For the 300cm one, we’d likely target this gate: o We’d get the same posts and mounting hardware for this one, most likely.
Oprettet 29.05.2024
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