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We need a number of light switches and power sockets to be changed and boxes to be added behind them. I'm sending a detailed list. I've added the type of wall they are installed in and comments to some of them. The main reason for doing this is because the missing boxes were mentioned in the house elinstallations-rapport and we need to make sure we are covered by the insurance. 3 more things that were mentioned in the rapport and we would like to fix: 1. Missing boxes behind 2 of the lamp outlets (Der mangler dåse bag/over ét lampeudtag.) - both of these are where the ceiling lamps we would like to install (see further down). Sending the photos attached separately. 2. Missing caps on 2 lamp outlets (Der er én dåse, roset eller lampeudtag, der mangler låg.). Sending photo attached separately. 3. Outside there is a cable used incorrectly (Der er flere steder anvendt ulovlig, bøjelig ledning som fast installation. "Ved terrasse.") I believe it is the one I'm sending pictures attached. And lastly, we need to install 2 wall lights (there is power in that spot already, as there were previously wall lights installed in the same place) and 4 ceiling lights (3 are in a group, operated by 1 switch and the other one is on a separate switch; switches and power outlets are existing, we just need a cable connecting the 3 in a group and mounting the lights themselves).
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