Total renovering af badeværelset

I would like to completely refurbish my bathroom, everything from demolishing the existing to building a new one. The following high-level activities should be done: Note: There is an opening in the wall between "WC" and "BAD" (this is not shown in on of the attached drawings) - Move the WC to where the shower is today - Build the walls to support a shower area where the WC is today - Put clinkers on the floor in the entire area with floor heating - Put clinkers on the walls where the new shower area should be - Install spotlights in the roof (and new fan for extraction of air) - Install a washing machine Please let me know if you would like the description to be in Danish instead. Kind regards, Christoffer Eliasson
Oprettet 11.05.2014
Kategori Badeværelse
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