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Hi , We bought an house and want to change the badroom. We are not really able to do things our selves. So we are looking for someone who could do flissearbejde and placing a glass wall for the shower. A new vaskeskab and toilet. We will buy al ready all materials. Could you give me an price indication what it will cost if you will do the fliserarbejde en placing the new vaskeskab and toilet ? And also one if you will do the breaking down of the hylder and the small walls and the fliserarbejde and placing the vaskeskab and toilet ? I have added in the picture how it looks now and the sizes. We want to take these hylder på vægen out and also the little walls that makes the shower in corner now. And want to make longer shower with a glass wall. I also added in a picture how the placement will look of the badroom.( colors and fliser will not be the same) And we are looking for a company who can do it in first week of June. Kindly, Beau Massop-Last 31433976 It’s for a house in Linå
Oprettet 27.04.2024
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