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Opgavebeskrivelse 1=2300 København S 10=Træ 2=Hi I am looking to have 3 puntured windows replaced. the windows are the kind that are on the roof and slant insides when you open them.

In addition- I would like to have a basement door replaced- size will need to be custom made.

I also have a terrase door that I would like replaced with a double terrace door.

Lastly I have a front door that I would like replaced.

I am not sure if I will do all work at sam time or separate. The windows and basement door are the most important. So I am looking to have an offer that will include all but also broken down so i can choose some of the work depending on total cost.

I have not taken pictures or measurement but I can add that information if needed.

Thank you,
Dan 8=
Oprettet 01.01.1970
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