Opgaven 2=4000 Roskilde 1=A well-built the original house was built in 1944.
- a damp cellar.
Virtually nothing has been done since 1944.

What should be done:

Dig the cellar deeper, 1 m to dig.
Make a floor in the basement, floorheating, tiles, make "living" rooms.

Isolate the basement from the outside, perimeter drain is made to keep the cellar dry.

Ground floor isolation from the inside.

Throw away all the old inner wall 1 floor.
Isolation under the roof, on 1. floor.

New power lines, outlets, etc.
New windows and doors.

Bathroom + toilet in the basement, ground floor bathroom stays, should be shined up.
3 wash sinks, 2 toilets, 1 shower, etc.

Kitchen, with dishwasher, oven, etc..

Bathroom + toilet in the basement

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